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Using Security Guards

Written on November 16, 2011

Hiring a Security guard can fulfill multiple business needs simultaneously

Hiring security guards can be cost effective for most businesses. They  dissuade thieves at jewelry stores and  man front desks in hotels, corprate buildings, etc. They can provide Remote CCTV Monitoring at security-conscious businesses and patrol parking lots to deter trouble.

Which brings us to what guards can do for your business. It might be easier to list what they can’t do, since the guard often becomes a jack-of-all-trades. However, there are a few basic tasks that guards often perform:

  • Visual deterrent  – The sight of a guard,  means your business is aware of its risks and ready to respond.
  • Trespassing and vandalism – Whether it’s moving on a vagrant sleeping private property or a skateboard crew who’s decided your facility’s steps are a skate park, patrols by security officers enable protection across the facility.
  • Security policiesSecurity officers  monitor surveillance cameras, as well as staff entrance gates and lobbies, and can check basic security issues like making sure all facility doors are locked after hours.
  • Customer serviceSecurity guards see a lot of downtime, and many employers have been able to utilize the presence of officers as ambassadors to both their employees and customers. The guard can help direct the lost delivery driver, sign in visitors to corporate offices, and escort employees to their cars after dark.