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Retail Security Checklist

Written on January 17, 2010

Building Security

Fit strong locks on the doors of your store, and on windows that are accessible from the exterior. Reinforce the outside doors and fit metal frames to windows to make unauthorized entrance difficult. Construct a strong wall or install a security fence around your store. Make sure all entrance and exit points are manned by store staff or security personnel. Restrict access to areas such as the goods processing zone, stock storage room and other non-customer use areas.

Layout Design

Design your store layout so as to minimize loss by theft and pilferage. Consider the number of store personnel available to monitor the store during high traffic periods. Avoid placing high-value items in places at the back of the store; rather, place them in a place where store personnel move about frequently and can keep an eye on anybody who browses the section. Always keep expensive items under lock and key. Make sure the way you set up counters, shelves and hang items from pegs provides an unobstructed view of all areas within the store.


Provide sufficient lighting both outside and inside the store. A well-lit place is less likely to attract burglars than stores with dark corners or dull lighting. Install security lights that stay on throughout the night, in addition to security lighting linked to the alarm system. In areas where power failures are common, it is good to install an emergency generator, or have a backup power supply. Provide bright lighting at the doors and in the parking lots for the safety of shoppers and employees.

Security System

Have a security system in place to ensure safety of your store and personnel. Fit alarms to doors, gates and at strategic points within the store. Ensure wiring is concealed so that it cannot be cut to render the system ineffective. Choose from infra-red, seismic and audio detectors, depending on your requirements. Install video cameras and closed-circuit television cameras, and put up signboards that state this is clear terms. Knowing they are being observed deters potential shoplifters, and you can avoid all the unnecessary publicity.

Cash Management

Keep minimum cash on site, and always under lock and key. Ensure you have reliable, trustworthy staff at the cash counter and instruct them to count cash away from public view, locked in a safe in a closed room. Transfer money regularly to the bank to avoid accumulating it in the store. Use a security service to transfer cash to the bank if large amounts are involved. If you handle this yourself, avoid falling into a set routine and be vigilant about who is watching.