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Retail Loss prevention through Security Guards

Written on November 4, 2011

As mentioned in a previous post ‘criminal gangs get smarter‘ thieves are getting smarter and one of the ‘tools of the trade’ is the simple foil bag or ‘booster bag’; which is becoming the most popular item used in retail theft.

The objective of Loss Prevention is to maintain and maximize profits by reducing theft and accidental loss of assets commonly known as “shrinkage”.

Shrinkage is largely caused firstly by employee theft then shoplifting. To combat shoplifting many goods are installed with an electronic tags or labels which are removed/ de-activated once bought legitimately.

As these tags work by using magnetism, shoplifters are using big carrier bags fitted with metal foil around the outside to stop the electronic readers from detecting the security tags or labels.

Speaking to a shop owner who viewed items being stolen on her CCTV system said: “The thieves just literally swept off a shelf of clothes straight into a large carrier and walked out of the shop without activating the tag alarm.” Later the culprits were apprehended by police and were found to have one of these foil bags to aid them in their crime.

Security Guards and shop staff should therefore be warned of this security risk and be on the lookout for thieves using this tactic.