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Lighting Tips For Construction Site Security

Written on January 9, 2012

Lighting reduces construction site crime, and improves construction site security.
It discourages opportunist and professional criminal and offers any passers by and neighbors and oportunity to spot and report any suspicious activity.

1) Position Security Lights To Avoid Glare
Direct light onto the areas you’re trying to protect rather than out into the eyes of potential observers.There are numerous reports of intruders knowingly taking advantage of the glare thrown by poorly positioned security lights.

2) Secure Your Power Source
Thieves can and will cut power lines. Ideally power lines stay at a height of 24 feet or higher. Further, electric meter boxes can be targets as well so if your site has one, be sure to protect it well or find some other power source. Ideally you’ll have a generator or some other independent source of power for your construction security lighting.

3) Use Bright White Light
Bright white light provides good color differentiation making people easier to identify and license plates easier to read, although more expensive generally, they are well worth the little extra. As a general rule of thumb observers should be able to easily identify a face at 30 feet.

4) Position Lights to Prevent Blind Areas
A nighttime job site drive by is crucial! You have to know if you’re setting yourself up for intrusion and theft with any potential blind areas in your lighting. A well thought out set up could still have blind spots.

5) Maintain and Protect Your Lighting
Have a regular light maintenance program in which someone checks them and cleans or replaces lights that have gone bad. Further, lights should be enclosed in wire mesh or other shield that prevents tampering or shattering by vandals or potential intruders.