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Keeping your business safe

Written on November 2, 2011

Keeping your business safe and secure while you are off site

All business locations will have a time when they are empty, even if your business is home based. To ensure all is  secure and safe there are a number of strategic activities which may be carried out:

*Install the best locks available to slow or stop any access.

*Have an alarm installed which will signal to you or a representative that someone is trying to get in or is indeed in your business without permission – this may be a simple intruder alarm through to CCTV monitored system with 24 hour monitoring.

*Ensure that whoever responds to the alarm response is fully protected both from accidents and a worst case scenario – check your insurance, is the response person covered in event of an incident?

* Make sure all easy desirable objects are out of sight, close blinds on leaving, lock away valuable items, cover items which are expensive and easy to move.

*Having a sign which details the response systems in place, that the building is alarmed / patrolled / monitored by CCTV makes it a high risk site for potential incursion and therefore it will remain secure while other sites with less risk may be targeted.Electronic systems are relatively low cost and a manned security presence is the best deterrence of all, the range between the two is generally down to budget and other environmental factors.

It is astonishing how some small and very cost effective steps will make your business safe and secure for the future.