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How Many Security Guards do I need for an Event?

Written on December 2, 2011

It is a sad fact of life these days that security guards are necessary for many events. Several factors influence this; the amount of alcohol available, the age and demographics of the participants, the location of the event and even the kind of venue has some bearing on whether guards are needed and if so, how many.

Usually, the larger the event the more likelihood that security guards will be needed and of course, more of them. The industry standard is for one security guard to 100 people. However if the event is outdoors and there are many entry points, more guards may be needed to ensure that gatecrashers to not get in. Likewise if the event is indoors but there are many entry points you may need more guards.

The type of event will also dictate to some extent the number of security guards you may need. If there is expensive equipment on display and/or if there are well-known VIPs coming then more guards may be needed. However if the opposite were true then a minimal number of guards would need to be present. Also, if the event is a dignified kind of meeting that is not likely to get out of hand and no hecklers are likely to come, then one guard could well suffice.

It is not only external disturbances that security guards may need to control. Attendees at an event can sometimes get out of control and cause unpleasant scenes, especially where alcohol is present. If security guards can patrol the crowd they can be quickly on the scene and defuse a situation before it gets ugly and spoils the whole evening for everyone.

It is a good idea to choose a security company that has local experience and knows just what is usually needed for events such as the one you are planning. Taking advice from the company will ensure that you have everything set up for the maximum safety and enjoyment of those who will be attending the event.